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Reply to "Local gov’t chair defends unilateral appointment of city Town Clerk - ‘I am the Commission between meetings’"

Laws of Guyana -- Local Government Act -- Chapter 28:02

Power of chairman of local authority between meetings thereof. [25 of 1973]

38. (1) The chairman of the local authority of a village or country
district may, between any two meetings of the authority, exercise all
the executive powers of the local authority.

(2) All acts done by the chairman under subsection (1) shall be
reported to the local authority at the meeting next ensuing, and any act of the chairman of which the local authority disapproves shall be null and void.

(3) The deputy chairman of a village council shall have and may
exercise the powers, duties and functions of the chairman

(a) during the period of a vacancy which is deemed, under
section 29(7), to have occurred in the office of chairman; or
    (b) during any period while the chairman is temporarily
absent from the village district.

Laws of Guyana -- Local Government Act -- Chapter 28:02 -- Source -