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Reply to "LETTER: Response to Ramjattan’s false claims on sugar"

caribny posted:
Dave posted:

I haven’t seen you call Carib out for  referring Indians to cleaning toilets for a living. 

Indians - supposed to be your culture .. am I wrong. 

And yes these are the jobs that PPP supporters fled Jagdeo's Guyana to do.

You may not want to admit it but yes Guyanese in Barbados did all the jobs that Mexicans illegals  in the USA do. Jump up and down and scream as you wish but Bajans aren't headed to Guyana to do those jobs.  I suspect that outside of the CARICOM Secretariat you will be hard pressed to find a Bajan living in Guyana.

If you tell a Bajan what the average Guyanese earns they will ask "you serious, how Guyanese can work for pocket change?"

Yes this is the land that PPP folks fled to, unwanted, not well treated and yet forced to flee there.  Apparently living at the bottom of the barrel in Barbados was better than whatever they were doing in Guyana.

Unfortunately, we had your type of Blacks that brought Guyana into the shit hole. 

Maybe the Bajan type of Blacks and the  Indians in Guyana would have been a Paradise to live in. 

Shame on you.