Knowing when to say Goodbye to GNI

Ok folks,

All good things must come to an end. I humbly request Amral or Riff to remove or delete my membership.

I made the decision to stop commenting and debating politics when I turned 50. I delayed the decision for several months after turning 50 and finally decided to pull the plug.

GNI has been a blast from day one starting in January 2012 around the same time that my buddy Gil joined to myself taking Top 5 in that short period time. Top 5 meant nothing but just stirring up emotions and debates. This place is a blast as long as you realize that this not a place to make friends, that is for social. This is a place to make your opponent's blood boil and I did just that. I called that Cranking up your opponents.

I leave with ZERO hard feeling for anyone and enjoyed interacting with everyone. Special mention to my buddy Gill who had a special way in pulling me back in line when I went got carried away with debates. The only member that I met in person was Nehru Bhai and I can assure you that he is a gentleman. There are too many names to mention but I also enjoyed interacting with The Rev who lit this place on fire with his political opinions.  

My reason for engaging in political was my resentment for the PNC under which I experienced blatant racism and I will NEVER forget as I witnessed GDF soldiers kicking one of the ballot box martyrs to death as he begged for water. It is till etched in my memory, it will never go away.

As for today's PNC, they are no different than yesterday's PNC. Nothing has changed in all of these years. They were showed a lot of goodwill after the election but they did not capitalize on it and recycled their same old policies. At the current pace, Guyana will continue to slide downhill. The buck stops as Granger's desk but I give him the award as the dumbest political leader in the world. They are like a ship sailing in the sea without a captain. The biggest question is whether they will rig the next election. The only hope is that the Carter Centre seems interested once again in Guyana's electoral process.

The AFC has been the biggest disappointment in Guyana's political history. Ramjattan and Moses became the biggest traitors, something I warned most at GNI about. As Ramjattan predicted, the AFC would become dead meat if it joined with the PNC. He was 100 percent correct about that.

As for the PPP, they became too big for their pants. Arrogance was the cause of their downfall. They will raise up again and I am hopeful that they learnt their lesson. No matter how we look at it, Guyanese made progress under the PPP from food lines and immense economic hardships to prosperity. Just ask any Guyanese today what they regret the most and most of them will tell you that supporting this coalition was that mistake.

Oil brings corruption, the PNC and PPP will have to be watched very carefully with oil revenues but if elections are free and fair then Guyanese will be able to rotate parties which is healthy for any democracy.

I have no parting shots for any member. I encourage debate minus the gross language, it is a sign of weakness. GNI will be around for a while but it needs to attract younger members. It is a place to hang out at political or social, just have fun.

In concluding, I encourage members to recommend friends in joining GNI and growing this community. I am now at pre retirement and will start preparing myself in getting rid of my pride, arrogance and material things. I just want to live a humble lifestyle. For those of us who are blessed with too much, we need to start planning on how to part with it. 

Upstate NY is my new summer home and I will start travelling more. This year will include a trip to Guyana, PNC's Guyana. 




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