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Reply to "Jamming Music Club - G_MAGIC"

cain posted:

Keep it up dude. GNI does have a few who are into music, me being one. Since moving north (Canada) I recently hooked up with a large group of players..approx 20 at any given time. There is a sax..a keyboard..a violin..couple djembies (African type drums)...about fifteen guitars, we take turns in singing our choice of tunes.

I have been playing and singing about fifty years.

Hi wish I had started a long time ago, didn't know what I was missing, doodling with feeling... is kind of how I describe it.
How these guys that have never met, sit and jam together is still a mystery to me.
The one thing that has blown me away and now that I look, I see it, is how few musicians actually did it all...
I attached a couple of Torrents for you... one is SCORE and its just a hand full of guys that have made all of Hollywood's music.
HIRED GUNS... also attached is the story of the few dozen guitarists that basically did the whole rock and roll era.
If you look at the web as well, there are millions of Guitarists, but right at the top, miles above everyone else, there are just a handful of amazing guitarists... like this guy... IGOR the Russian
I copy him... maybe in 50 years I'll catch up...