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For some reason I don't see many musicians in Guyana.
People certainly like music, but its not like the rest of South America, where if you sit on a street corner for a few hours, 4 musicians will walk by.

I bought a guitar and I have been learning to play, its coming along nicely (almost kicking Eric Clapton's ass ).
I had no idea what I was doing when I bought the guitar, I actually bought a nylon string guitar, classical guitar, but that is not what I play...
I like the Doobie Brothers, AC/DC, Justin Timberlake, Savage Garden, Uncle Kracker, Pharrell Williams, Bill Withers, Bishop Briggs, Cat Stevens and that whole 70's, 80's 90's music scene.
I play that stuff on my guitar of accidental choice.

I got the guitar going, it sounds good, now I'm learning to layer and write music, trying to figure out how it all fits together, that is coming along, but to really get into that, the right thing to do is start Jamming with other musicians.

Its a difficult thing, I think I would fall asleep with classical musicians, matching taste and getting a club going is not so easy... but if you play a musical instrument, saxophone, drums, any instrument or like singing, then chat about what you like here and maybe we can get something going.

Singing is much more difficult than I ever imagined, singing along with a song, and singing just to instruments playing, is two different ball games.
Its not easy making music, but it is simply amazing when it clicks.

So the idea is to play around with musical ideas, layer sounds and see if we can make music.
Few clubs actually make it, its very much about passionate interest and people that click. There are some famous examples like the Cuban Social club, that churned out stars, but they few and far between.

Many people think its about getting a guitar and then you get hot women, its not, its love of the process, if that is the only goal, doubt you going to become a musician, that's just the marketing.
Its actually work, and the magic happens if you get lucky.
Its kind of like comedians, when you meet them in real life, most are super serious people, off stage.

So chat and maybe something emerges... idea is to have some fun trying to make magic.


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