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Reply to "Jagdeo visits flooded villages."

Dave posted:

Jagdeo visit Django hometown to make sure his families are gud. 

The care taker Minister Patterson, stay  in his office and said.. well, there is nothing we can do, is god wok but we warn the villagers and them nah used sand bag to stop the flow of water . 

But in 4-5 hours time .. things will be back to normal. 

BTW folks, both PPP and the current care taker government is to be blamed. 

This is what happened. 

They have huge canals to drain the water back to the Atlantic Ocean, but them contractor install 6” pipe under the bridges hehehe ... they did this because the permanent secretary and other government employees have to get them share from the contract. 

So the contractor was forced to downgrade. 

I think the contractor and the supervisor and PS should go to jail.. wah ayo think . 

This same shyte happens in India.  I spoke to a contractor there once about the thickness of the asphalt.  He said they know whats correct however, after paying all bribes they still have the same budget, so they cut back on quality.