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Labba posted:
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Labba posted:

Dem PNC man will give nuff nuff dhal, soup, parata, duck curry, lamb curry to dem Indo elite just like Dr Mr Jagdoe do he handpick elite of Indos, blackman and mixman. PNC know dem gat to do dat. All dem souptunists gat to do is doan question PNC and line up foh full up dem pocket. De PNC will treat de black mass different dis time, dey getting nuff nuff public sector wuk and consultin and contracts. Is de coolie mass and Amerindian dem gettin de screw. Jagdeo screw de coolie mass and PNC will do same. Ayoo watch and see...all souptunists line up...

more neo-PPP con man race shyte from "Labba"

lissen up banna

first, the "black mass" under colonial, PPP and PNC administrations always were massively overrepresented in rank and file "public sector wuk" . . . wtf is novel about this? . . . like saying that ordinary blackman will now finally get police and GDF wuk under Granger

second, "consultin and contracts" by definition have nothing to do with the "black mass" or "de coolie mass" . . . that is for the "elites" as [previous] correctly indicated before you got lil too clever and mek attempt to shoehorn some bloated, invidious race nonsense into a small PPP cup and get ketch laboring stupidly in elementary contradiction

third, the throwaway reference to "Amerindian dem" is noted . . . i guess alyuh haven't yet fashioned a sufficiently compelling anti-blackman polemic to guarantee the interior votes now absolutely necessary for kith and kin to regain powah

uh huh . . . de large rodent think he sly

Hey hey hey...ayoo hear abie one love WPA brotha a deflect and try do lil socialis class analysis like Rodney and Marx. Hey hey hey...Yea...when dem collie and blackman vote pon de election day dem does tink bout a upper class, me a middle class, me a wukkin class...hey hey hey. How ayoo criminal masta mind Ogun doing? Hey hey hey...Abie one love WPA protecting he powah centre...hey hey hey…

well, a couple of things:

the "socialis class analysis like Rodney and Marx" is all yours . . . i merely sliced it open to expose you to ridicule

second, i agree with you that "collie" and "blackman" don't care about class in the voting booth

question you should be asking though . . . why did YOU devote the time and effort to post yuh "class analysis" here and den try to run away and blame me for your stinkin mess after i pointed out your CONTRADICTORY, PERNICIOUS race stupidness?

further, just so you know, i have neither met nor ever-had-a-conversation with Dr. Clive Thomas . . . the 'closest' i have been to the man is when i dated a girl who had taken his class at Colgate

btw, you are not fit to even spit shine his boots

as to Eric Phillips, David Hinds, et al . . . dem bais were at QC before me, and i know of them - never made their acquaintance

i migrated from Guyana in the 1970's, did not return until 1994. I was not part of the generation coming of age besotted with the false promise of "scientific socialism" - a bizzare idea that y'all former enthusiasts who cut y'all teeth at 'anti-imperialist' Freedom House's battam house U are now making a career running away from

just look at the antics of Patrice Lumumba U's Bharrat Jagdeo

oh wait . . . de rat is wan admirer and practitioner of gross Yeltsin tiefmanism; Lenin is nat he speed

my bad

your pitiful attempt to daub me with Ogunseye shyte is the full measure of your cowardice and desperation after imploding in spectacular fashion peddling your racist provocations and LIES at the top of this thread

keep plumbing the "WPA" angle . . . you will continue to look the fool

lil tidbit to whet yuh appetite . . . even though i was never old enough to vote in any of Burnham's 'elections' . . . i know plenty PNC tap dawgs from the Burnham/Hoyte era

now lemme see, do you still think i'm a political/social 'scientist'? . . . har de har har harrr

Nehru still thinks i am TK . . . bless his retarded soul