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Reply to "Jagdeo puts oil traders on notice"

In this day and age there is no electronic voting in Guyana. 

October 6 ,2015

The PPP called for the following reforms:

  1. Enhanced bio-metrics
  2. Electronic voting
  3. Bringing the GECOM Secretariat under the purview of the Commission to enable the Commission to give the Secretariat general orders and directions.
  4. Recruitment of GECOM’s key election officials such as Returning Officers and Presiding Officers and Poll Clerks through improved transparent and impartial processes.
  5. A new voters’ list to be compiled on the basis of a fresh house to house enumeration.
  6. Review the process that allows for voting by the Disciplined Services.
  7. Amend the relevant sections of the Representation of the People Act to allow for the enactment of appropriate legislation to facilitate implementation of agreed reforms.
  8. Selection of a new Chairman of GECOM

Proposed to be ,then everything took a different turn ,with the exception of (8)

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