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Reply to "Jagdeo misinforms media to further racist agenda — Charles Ceres"

Baseman posted:
Dave posted:

Lincoln Lewis can haul his racist *****. If the land grab was done for and given to Afro, should Jagdeo manufacturer an Indian name . 

Where was  Lewis mouth when Blacks were fired recently by Public Service Minister Tabitha Sarabo-Halley 

Why people so tribal?  They should welcome an investigation and clarifying.  If BJ is incorrect, he will lose credibility.  

Thus far he has not been that incorrect.  The $700k daily food bill turned up to be correct!

BJ makes these charges, discredited it, don’t run around with incoherent rants invoking this and that!

I guess you did not read or took the time to review the pictures BJ posted of the land grab.. BTW, as per BJ in a comment yesterday said he stands by what his claim. 

Trevor Benn is more interested in how the corruption was exposed. 

Ceres on the other hand, claimed no land was given to black people under PPPC government but with the same breath he said he got 1297 acres of land under Jagdeo government. 

Regarding the $700. Food bill.. again BJ stands by his claim. What Cathy Hughes try to do, is explaining the $700 food bill ( include alcohol) is for 300 plus staff and she works it out to be US $11. per day.