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Reply to "Jagdeo misinforms media to further racist agenda — Charles Ceres"

Bibi Haniffa posted:
Iguana posted:
ksazma posted:

I don't have a problem with him defending himself. I have a problem with his empty cries about racism. How did racism come into the discussion?

The same way you concluded "blacks are the scourge of the earth" and ran around proudly proclaiming it. Imagine, a dull, 2 cent confirmed RACIST like YOU have the unmitigated gall to accuse someone of "racism" and playing the race card when you reach for it with almost every post!

But what can one expect from a low life punk ass bytch like you who proudly details his affairs for all to read, including people who know or know of his wife and daughter. You ought to hang your fking head in shame!

Look at this racist instigator who love to pick fight with homan pointing finger at other people.  You are a real sicko.  You need an exorcism.  You are satanic.

The fool seems obsessed by my made up affairs stories as if he wishes he can truly experience those details I wrote of. But here is where he can face his own truths. Is he blessed with being married to the same woman for now 31 plus years whom he has known for now 35 plus ones? And if he can come anywhere close to attaining that (which I strongly doubt), what have they accomplished together?

And yes, some blacks are indeed the scourge of the world. The PNC in Guyana are living examples of that.

Lastly, Ceres is a wicked person and part of that scourge as he sought to incite a race war with his wicked imputation of racism into a simple accusation of corruption.