Reply to "Jagdeo hiding from de polygraph."

Plop plop, as the slop hits the bottom of the can. 

Who in their right mind would subject themselves to a polygraph based on a random challenge from a fromer security guard now turn Saru CEO due to party favors?

Jagdeo said that Retemyer is “insignificant” and he will not be dictated to by the SARU CEO. The former president described Retemyer as a “fossil” and “a geriatric who has only gotten the position he currently holds because he is a friend of the president and the APNU/AFC government”; and that he (Retemyer) did not go through a transparent employment process.
Jagdeo said that Retemyer’s utterances with respect to him not being married and wanting to get his hands on upcoming oil money, was behaviour unbecoming of a public official who is the head of an impartial unit that has to investigate the citizenry.
Jagdeo said that Retemyer is correct when he said that he (Jagdeo) is “hungry for power”, since the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) indeed has a yearning desire to win the next general elections.
The opposition leader said that while he was toiling as president to build Guyana, the SARU CEO ran away and was doing menial jobs abroad; hence he cannot be taken seriously.
“When he was being a security guard in the US I was here working to develop this country”.
Jagdeo contends that Retemyer does not have the requisite qualification to function in the position he currently holds. He repeated allegations that SARU is corrupt and that the CEO has now returned to Guyana and is enjoying the spoils of his office.
The opposition leader asserted that if the administration were to change, the same SARU officials that he referred to as political hacks would pick themselves up and run away.
Continuing on the issue of the polygraph, Jagdeo said that if President Granger suggests that the two men (Granger and Jagdeo), should take such a test, he will be amenable to one, but with a caveat.

SARU’s CEO Aubrey Heath-Retemyer

“I (Jagdeo) will determine the questions that will be asked of the president and he determines what questions are put to me, I think that will be a brilliant idea