Reply to "Jagdeo betrayed Berbicians with his $US40.00 per car PONTOON bridge. Now this shameless fella “advises” Gov’t to BAIL OUT Babby and the other tiefman cronies who gambled on ‘PPP corruption forever’ and lost . . . NO! Drown you bandits"

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ronan posted:
Labba posted:

Hey hey hey...let de bridge sink na...only dem coolie go suffa...hey hey hey.

nope . . . build a proper one that won’t strangle the “coolie” people and fatten the pockets of jagdeo’s tiefman friends

but what’s new . . . you are, after all, a long time booster/cheerleader for the Babby crony relationship

uh huh

Why reinvent the wheel? Why no repair and maintain it?

i have no problem with that in the short term

tell me, what ‘terms’ you propose we IMPOSE pan jagdeo/Babby dem when de Gov’t tek over de bridge to prevent it from falling into the river?

hmmm . . .