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Ksaz, hot defending Vish's post, he has a right to his opinion.. I've seen it time and time again Indians being taken advantage of by blacks and they couldn't or wouldn't do a damn thing about it. From the bread line to the cinema line to the kero line, I've ween it all. Indians needs to stand up, not just from blacks but from anybody. I was born at lot 3 evans street charlestown, and from day one I had to fight. Never back down.

One has nothing to do with the other though Sheik. There is no need for Indians to resort to that same behavior especially if we find it disgusting. Indians took a different approach and continue to improve themselves and their families.

Cowardly response...., as usual....and playing the victim again.....

There are times when human beings have to defend themselves.

Would a satyagrahan freedom like Gandhi have been able to remove Hitler and Mussolini?

According to Mandela, people have a right to defend themselves.....In the face of injustice and oppression....there is no disgust in opposing oppression by any means necessarily....I know the simpletons here will say “look what happen to him”, but it was a real revolutionary like Rodney who could have removed the dictatorship....not your fake-arse Marxist revolutionaries walking around GT and Freedom House wearing pictures of Che Guevara and Castro printed on their t-shirts with the Communist Manifesto in their hands. 

It has everything to do with it....think how much they could have “improve themselves” if they took the “right approach”....

An entire generation, including you, Nehru (yes, dat one with a historic name), Skeldon-Man, Dave, K-P, Demerara-G (the one from Wismar who told us his family was uprooted from that village?).

Yes Burnham is responsible for wrecking Guyana, but your holier than though leaders allowed him to run the country and making you cowards....You people missed the other side of the coin....

stop playing victims....and stop defending nonsense from the PPP and its current cabal... 

Indians don't play victims banna. We ignore all the noise and focus on preventing ourselves from becoming welfare recipients. You can continue glorifying the worst instincts of your people and more likely than not you will end up just like them.

And Mandel was no fighter. He sat in jail for over a quarter of a century. Why didn't he fight his way out of it? It took others to pressure the government who eventually freed him. Then he became the President and as president, he was a abject failure. Not anyone worth emulating.