Reply to "Irfaan Irfaan Irfaan.........Fakster! Yall Indos should be highly embarassed!"

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This DUMMY aka Vish is such an embarrassment to humanity, even PIGs have more intelligence than he has. I am not convinces he is very truthful with regard to being stuck in College for 40 years!!

I bet he has another alias here besides VishMahabir.

vish is no newcomer. And certainly no college bai And it gon tek alyuh a long long time to figure him out. 😆 lol.

Then he has bigger issues because it takes a very disturbed person to just switch their handle and pretend to be who he isn’t.

So here we have the classic straw man creation and a distraction....invent a distraction rather than answering the question....for your information, everyone, including you, all have fake handles here....and none of you would say the same things in public what you write who is a bigger hypocrite here???

Now you sound like fcking Iguana. That’s why ayo scont can’t be trusted