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Reply to "Irfaan Irfaan Irfaan.........Fakster! Yall Indos should be highly embarassed!"

Dave posted:
VishMahabir posted:
ksazma posted:

Banna, if we Indos should be highly embarrassed of Ali, what level of embarrassment should Afros be given their tendency to indulge in countless illegal and inhumane/uncivilized behavior. Or are you saying that even with all those kinds of behavior, it is still not enough or them to be embarrassed of them?

No...its very simple.    

What amazes me about you the extent you would go to demonize the people (an entire race of people) who live next to you  for generations...but you never pause to expose the same demonic behavior among your kind...the evil exists in others, not you.

When they  walk the streets and burned, loot, rape Indians ... they do so under the banner “ BLACK LIVES MATTER “ .. where are the Africans associations, where are the Afro leaders .. their mouth in their Arss hole like how yours is Mr Fake.

You have a bad uncle, who teaches you to hate... kick his Arss out your life  

Well I am glad you admit seems you boys are cowards, always worrying about what dem can do, instead of worrying how to protect yourselves from violence....

only cowards think like that