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Reply to "Iran readies to give colonialist powers a final and deadly blow"

Lets be real, the PPP imploded. Given their dire warnings of the present circumstances ( still on this site in a pre elections thread) they saw this as the worse possible scenario and akin to losing. Your concern about Jagdeo's balls is your own. I was concerned with his complete disregard for accountable government.

The PPP is not ROAR. I argued with everyone of ROAR's intellectual cadre and know well their positions. They; were they not concerned with ethnic controlled states in a consociational federation, would have arrived at a great possible solution for us. The AFC has it right. They do not presume they know the totality of any constitutional framework but understands that one is necessary and that the inclusion of civic bodies to frame that work product will get us away from an autocracy.

Jagdeos inability to control the security forces was the core to his decay to abhorrent rule. It allowed him the option secure extrajudicial alliances where he became a part of the murder for hire scheme using a drug lord, Roger Khan. We have a free press in name. It can be easily dominated by a state propaganda machinery and Jagdeo selectively permits pointed queries to his authority or offered explanations for his decisions.

I am nor different from when I started ont his site, My views are filtered by the same philosophical constraints and while then they looked at the PPP with hope for a difference they now look at them with contempt for their corrupt political decadence.

And why should I sell cassava bread or piwari? Is that the supposed expectation of an Amerind? Well I am educated, I am quite capable of earning monies from a myriad of sources all on the ground of my intellect. However, if piwari and cassava bread could be a substantial earning resources I do not mind selling that either. You and a thousand other miserable racists would never ever make me feel bad about who I am and who my people are.

That is because I can always remind you to respect your ancestors ability to crawl on hands on knees to the light because our homeworld alone was enough to lift them from a 6000 years enslavement as untouchables. Yes; pay homage to us for being able to breathe in a free world. All that piwari crapola is just a gratuitous ceremony because you remove from your understanding how terrible racism and castism can be. It is the purest of low lives among your kind that would take pleasure to pretend you can humiliate another on some merit of superiority. I suggest you get in-touch with your inner self and see what beauty resides is this new synthetic Indian culture that your fore parents forged on Guyanese soil.

As for my vision; it is a measure of the best in the Canadian, British and American education system. Guyana did have a formative hand in it as well. To that ends I do a daily metaphorical puja to my Amerind mother.[/QUOTE]

Have you ever experienced caste discrimnation in Guyana?

India's ancient caste system resembles the social hiearchy of Britain. Churchill was an admirer of a layered society, especially where kings and queens ruled. India was fascinating to the British. It's efficient village economy and the peaceful order of its society with the priestly caste (Brahmin) has never been fully understood by wEstern Scholars. Kings and Queens are usually at the top of the hierarchy, but not in ancient India. Just a hundred years ago, most of Europe was governed by kings and Queens. The freedom you enjoy in Western Society today came about as a result of struggle by men with great minds. It was not always like that. Every society evolves itself over time and India is no different. Change maybe slow but it is changing. It took independent India under Nehru to outlaw the caste system while the British strenghtened it officially with laws to further own self-interest as a colonial power. Interfering with the system was not in their interest if it meant loss of privileges. The Whiteman sat at the top of everyone while hypocritically speaking of democracy, rule of law, and respect for individual rights. Why don't you go back and study the Portugese use of the Mondacaru tribes on the Amazon to decimate other tribes to exploit the resources of the Jungle? The Hindu caste system has been criticized by many Indian scholars back in the 19th century, from Dianana, Vikenananda, and others. The Arya Samaj faith rejected the caste system to the extent where anyone can qualify to be priest once he/she has the qualifications, temperament, and character . The context in which you criticize the horrible caste system is truly meant to appeal to the emotions and prejudices of Anti-Indian racist elements in Guyana. This is artful demagoguery. I do not subscribe to any system that discriminates. Caste discrimination is tantamount to racism in the West.

The India that the West discovered had a thriving culture and written language. Cities and School of learning to propagate the religious beliefs were well respected. India was never all about hunger and starvation and oppression of the lower caste by those at the top. Likewise, Western Societies, where you have been educated, was never all about progress and learning and being civilized to the high heavens. Europes history has been one of war and severe repressions of people against people. Think about the holocaust and what preceded for centuries. You need to take a good at others before you heap scorn on a people who are today rising like China. Chinese and Hindu entreprenuers are most successful in the diaspora.

BTW, the AFC attracted votes from one race. They can be classified as Indian party. Who chased the Afro-voters from AFC? Want to take a shot at that?