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Reply to "India's 'untouchable' scavengers"

Originally Posted by Gilbakka:
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Originally Posted by antabanta:

What color are Bramhana blood and Kshatriya blood?

Anta,you asking tough queston the color of the

human race blood is what bhai na red.

Bai... dem men hypocritically decry the injustices of the caste system then brag about dem brahmin and kshatriya blood.

Anta, my paternal great grandparents who indentured themselves were Kshatriyas. Biologically I believe I have Kshatriya blood, that is, of the higher rank in the Indian caste system.

But, anta, I am against the pernicious caste system. Being of Kshatriya stock never stopped me from fraternizing, socializing, mixing and mingling with Hindus of lower castes or anyone else.

More than that, for most of my adult life I have fought on the side of the socially and culturally disadvantaged, the dispossessed, the so-called underdogs of society.

I repeat, the caste system is social apartheid, it must end just as South African apartheid ended.

Whites benefited from apartheid but many whites fought with the blacks to end that system. Likewise, a salt water Kshatriya like me is fighting with the chamars/untouchables to end casteism in India and other places.

I made my views known on a number of Indian social networks, telling them bluntly that casteism is India's curse.

There is no contradiction in my being a quasi-Kshatriya and fighting against the caste system.

That so-called Brahmin yuji22 is shamelessly defending the iniquitous caste system. Truth be told, it was the Brahmins who first conceived the idea of caste and put themselves at the top. It was the Brahmins who developed, implemented and refined the caste system through the ages. Today, the Brahmins in India are the fiercest defenders of the caste system. They eat and shit and don't want to clean their own toilets.


Gilbakka... while your fight against the unjust caste system is laudable you still seem to be very proud of your status. I say this because of your references to having Kshatriya blood, being of Kshatriya stock and fraternizing with lower castes. I suggest it would be much better for someone against the caste system to forget about a purely arbitrary and wholly unidentifiable blood distinction and stock. I suggest instead of noting your socializing with lower caste people to promote non-recognition of such a thing as lower caste people. To put another way, I believe that stating you socialize with lower caste people is a subtle admission of the recognition of lower castes. I believe fighting the caste system is better done by completely refusing to acknowledge there are any caste boundaries. Note, I am not saying to hide your head in the sand and not recognize the caste system and its evil. I am saying refusing to acknowledge there are lower caste people will do much more to send the message that there should be no caste system. This is purely my opinion and I hope my explanation is understandable.

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