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Reply to "India's 'untouchable' scavengers"

Originally Posted by Rev:
Originally Posted by yuji22:


Yuji broke away from the so called Hindu caste system because it is wrong. 


I sincerely hope that this clarifies my position.

yuji bhai:


* Thanks for the detailed explanation and clarification.


* Very interesting post above.


* That's why it's never good to judge people if you don't understand their point of view.


* Once again yuji---good post.




PS. Please share your views on after life/reincarnation in social---I know you'll disagree with my viewpoint---see my reply to bhai gilbakka---I don't believe in reincarnation---but I always respect those who disagree with me intelligently.






Thanks Rev.


It always a pleasure engaging at a level of mutual respect and understanding.


I have very strong opinions on Reincarnation. Even U.S presidents believed in it. My responses will be based on scripture and it may veer off in another direction.


There are very strong scientific evidence supporting it. I may or may not contribute to the thread.


Let me think about this one before responding.