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Reply to "India's 'untouchable' scavengers"

Originally Posted by Rev:
Originally Posted by Mitwah:

Rev, Yugi22 says he is at the top of the ladder of Castes. Then you would be at the bottom, since you were not born of Bramana stock.

* My friend yuji and I don't agree on everything.


* We'll respectfully disagree regarding the teachings of the hindu religion and how the teachings foster and encourage casteism.


* Anyway, what I am certain my friend yuji won't engage in is VULGARITY---he won't verbally abuse the Rev and cuss his wife and mother because the Rev disagrees with his religious viewpoint.








I want to clarify.


Hindu scriptures has no mention of a caste system. This system was created by Caste Bramhanas to divide people.


Bhagavad Gita clearly defines division of labour based on your skills. There are  four divisions of society in which each division of society is responsible for their specific duties.


Similar to the west, we have businessmen, workers, tradesmen, soldiers and investors etc.


The division of labour as defined by Bhagavad Gita does not prevent anyone from ascending or descending. Anyone can become a Bramhana despite birth provided he abides by the strict guidelines as laid out by scriptures.


Similarly, A lawyers abides by specific codes of conduct and study of the laws and case histories and precedence.  Anyone can become a lawyer as long as he or she passes the Bar association exams and practice.


Similarly, a soldier has to execute his duties, and follow the orders of his superiors otherwise his is placed before a military court.


In Yuji's practice faith (Iskcon) (please google it), anyone can become a Bramhana regardless of caste or race. A few of my godbrother bramhanas are blacks.


We do not tolerate a caste system as practiced in parts of India and encouraged by Caste Bramhanas. That is the difference between a Caste Bramhana and a Vaishanava Bramhana.


Yuji is a Vaishana Bramhana and according to our teachings anyone regardless of race, colour or religion can become a Bramhana as long as they follow very specific requirements, some of which include, no eating of meat, fish or eggs, no intoxicants (Liquor or Coffee or Tea), No gambling, No sex outside of our marriage.

No garlic or Onions. And a few other practices like strict Archa Vigraha worship.


We must also chant on sacred beads at 5 am every day for at least two hours. These are very rigid rules and it is not for everyone since many will not agree or accept.


Yuji broke away from the so called Hindu caste system because it is wrong. 


I sincerely hope that this clarifies my position.

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