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Reply to "India's 'untouchable' scavengers"

Originally Posted by Django:

Yugi22,who were really on top (1)brahmins or (2)kshatriyas from the little

i know number 2 were rulers and soldiers,i have some number 2 blood,

any way for me all humans are equal.



All are cerated equally. It is up us to choose our destiny or designations.


I travel the USA quite a bit and see poverty in some places that are worse than third world. Blacks are still at the bottom of the economic ladder.


It is for any individual to change their current situation. Obama became president, it was not handed to him. He worked very hard to get there.


This must be a lesson for blacks and others who are whining and complaining about governments. You as an individual are in charge of your destiny. Plan how to get there and you will reach your destiny.


Never be envious of those at the top. Network with them and have mentors at the top and you will also reach there.





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