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Reply to "India's 'untouchable' scavengers"

Originally Posted by Gilbakka:
Originally Posted by yuji22:
Originally Posted by Gilbakka:
Originally Posted by yuji22:




Blacks in some parts o the USA live under worse conditions.

Casteism is India's curse.

Casteism is not Hinduism, it's a social invention.

Casteism is gross institutionalized inequality, worse than apartheid.

Casteism is blatant violation of human rights.

Casteism must end.


I agree that castism is not mentioned in any Vedic scripture.


How about you posting about poverty in Africa due to black dictators.


Any citizen in India has the right to vote and bring change. India is the world's largest democracy.


Africa has always been ruled by thugs and dictators. Guyana had two black dictators, Burnham and Hoyte who destroyed the country


How about you dedicating some of your energy towards  Black dictatorship and Black Poverty ?



I can post a million pictures on "Black dictatorship and Black Poverty", but it will never negate the reality of an abhorrent social system in India.

I started this thread to show a reality that must not be covered under a carpet.

I am concerned about the fate of Indians in my ancestors' homeland, where my true roots are. I don't have roots in Africa.

I want casteism to end in India. My ancestors were Kshatriyas, second to the Brahmins. I have Kshatriya blood, but I don't look down on Chamars, I feel for them. They are human beings like me.


Yuji is of Bramhana origin and has lived up to the requirements of a Bramhana.


A Kshatriya has an obligation to fight. How come Burnham and Hoyte governed for 28 years ? 


Gil, you are not a true Kshatriya. Arjuna was a true Kshatriya.

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