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Reply to "India's 'untouchable' scavengers"

Originally Posted by Mitwah:
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Originally Posted by Mitwah:


Rev, is this true?


7/. No Nooky

Sex and pleasurable sex between two loving people is a very natural aspect of humanity. They advocate no sex policy, under the guise of no elicit sex. But somehow allow their members to have sex to ‘breed’ where the offspring are then taken away to be ‘educated’ to become pure cult members. To deprive people of this natural instinct is all part of their de-humanizing mind control.  All part of their depopulation plan – SOFT EUGENICS (soft kill). Their sexual act is a cold mechanical operation, where they engage for about a minute, whilst the female chants :-) ….I’m not joking.


So Yugi is a one minute man

Yugi22 is his cult name from SOFT EUGENICS (soft kill), all part of the cult's depopulation plan.

So, wha de 22 for?

He can't be 22 years old.

He couldn't be born in 1922.

He can't have 22 women.

Definitely not 22 children.

He won't want to advertise 22 millimetres.

22 centimetres out of the question.

Was it his Lot # in Berbice?

Was he born on the 22nd of Never?

Is his weapon of choice a #22 cutlass?

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