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Reply to "India's 'untouchable' scavengers"

Originally Posted by Rev:
Originally Posted by Gilbakka:

Casteism is India's curse.

Casteism is not Hinduism, it's a social invention.

Casteism is gross institutionalized inequality, worse than apartheid.

Casteism is blatant violation of human rights.

Casteism must end.

* Lemme start by defining CASTE---it means social class


* The truth is caste is a state of mind.


* The truth is also caste is a disease of the mind.


* And lemme be bluntly honest. The teachings of the hindu religion are the root cause of this disease.




* Rev always prides himself in telling the TRUTH.



Rev, Yugi22 says he is at the top of the ladder of Castes. Then you would be at the bottom, since you were not born of Bramana stock.