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Reply to "Illegal and unconstitutional house-to-house registration exercise may also lead to instability – PPP .. Basil Williams Threatens “Dire Consequences “ If House To House Registration Is Stop."

I have seen the PPPC'S PRESS RELEASE OF 6TH AUGUST ,2019.


THE PPPC, A MARXISTS LENINIST Party should be the last to speak of violence . The PPPC presided over the worst kinds of violence ever seen in the history Guyana or any Caricom member state:- Extra Judicial Killings conducted by a variety of state sponsored death squads including the black clothes squad, Gajraj squad, and the phantom squad.

Massacres were the order of their misrule including the Lusignan massacre , the Bartica massacre and the Lindo Creek massacre.

The PPPC handed over the public security of this nation to drug lords.

The PPPC 's reign of terror left over nine hundred dead In its wake including its own Minister Sathydeo Sawh for which no inquest or inquiry was held.

The PPPC has a reason for distorting the AG's account of the history of Guyana's post election violence under their watch. They infiltrated peaceful protests marches
With their agents provocateurs who went on a rampage of burning down Indo Guyanese businesses and beating up Indo Guyanese people. They then used their propaganda machine to blame other political parties

No amount of propaganda could however change the CCJ's refusal to grant coercive orders sought by the PPPC against the President , the Parliament or Gecom.

CJ Saunders was very clear when he refused to fix the 18th September, 2019 as the date for elections or any date at all; The learned Chief Justice also declined to give any timelines or deadlines to Gecom saying it would not be presumptous so to do.

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