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1)  This now puts the ball in the hands of the PPP. Will they accept this date?


2) If this means Guyana does not have a Govt after March 21, who and how is the government going to function until November?

Which country have you ever heard was without a government ?

Some of the talking heads of Guyana are clueless.

Presently Haiti is without a  government. The Government collapsed today.

Céant and his 21-member cabinet will remain in office as caretakers until a new prime minister is named by President Jovenel Moïse and a new government takes control after both chambers of parliament approve.

Under Haitian law, a caretaker prime minister and government can only oversee the country’s day-to-day affairs, and cannot enter into any new contract


March 19 2019

Take note what happened in Haiti and what their Law says.