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Reply to "I believe Johnson, Trump and Granger will lose, says FK"

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Seven rows from bottom of the article, not including hilited area, "No one in Guyanese".....whaderass dah mean?

Perhaps I gaffa apply fo editah position fo help ketch spelling mistakes an so on..

But I gaffa say I agree with what TK's pullin from his orbokulum. A dumbass racist narcistic perverted US prez and a boring useless GY Prez on the way out, with the possibility of an English one also being thrown to the curb.

Johnson cannot get his deal by October. Brits are going to an election. The Labor party is still weak and only have a slight chance of putting together a coalition to take the PM job. If they win and a hard brexit has not happened then look out for a new referendum.  Being british has no value without Europe. 

Likely that the LibDems and the Brexit party will do well. Leaving an even bigger shambles than we see now.

Increasingly voters are tired of the political status quo.  In the UK, USA and Guyana.

Only problem is that the only credible 3rd party in Guyana will be the "I am not voting" party so those who don't want Granger to win support Jagdeo and should be honest enough to admit it. 

liberals did not want to leave. It was the conservative. You are also using words loosely. Most people indeed do not want the status quo which is the rich getting richer and hogging all the wealth. 1 percent own 80 percent of all assets. Some thought trump was not the status quo. What do they have? Wall street running the country and the worse of the worse swamp culture developing to t he disadvantage of poor and the environment. 

Credibility in a third party put Granger in office. No one cared for his insipid arrogant backsides. He was selected by burnhamite hardliners so Indians did not care for him. It is their trust in the AFC that caused them to come over. Granger is in office because of Third party followers. 

I support Shuman. Anyone of the two aligators is not going to do Guyana any good. Under granger the PNC of bygone era is re emerging. We need a few seats in the middle that could unseat one or the other.