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Reply to "I am proud to be Indo and could care less about what you think of me."

Originally Posted by yuji22:

There is a growing movement to discredit Indo Guyanese of their identity while others are ashamed of that unique identity and disregard the struggles of their fore fathers.


Peek around and you will see. Read the new headlines of certain Newspapers and you will notice.


First, I am of Indian origin and no one can take that away from me. I am proud of my culture and dharma and NO it is not caste based. Caste was created by a bunch of men to stay at the top of the social and economic ladder. Only the foolish will paint my Dharma as caste based and I forgive their ignorance.


Let me make it clear, the Bhagavad Gita mentions divisions of society and CASTE is NEVER mentioned .


In the west, we have businessmen, soldiers, spiritual leaders, and the ordinary working class. That is no different than what is mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita. It was an economic system mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita and it stands in the west till this day. It is called division of labour. 


My food is unique and tasty. People love. It has a unique blend of spices. Why should I be ashamed of how I cook it ? Who cares if a few find it offensive ? I am proud of my food.


My foreparents suffered at the hands of the British and then had to face racism for 28 years under a black dictator and we did jobs that others refused to perform. We still survived.


We flourished and educated our children, worked the soil and became professionals and wealthy. Then a Black dictator attempted to destroy us because we were Indos. The Wismar Incident stands witness of this evil man.

This dictator attempted to exterminate us but we stood firm and survived.


I am proud to be Indo.


While most Afros remained in the Public sector. Most Indos became businessmen and those who chose Agriculture as a means of living did exceeding well.


I am proud to be Indo.


Dr. Jagan fought for the poor and working class and yes, he made political mistakes but he is still considered to be the father of the nation. I am proud to be Indo.


Indos are the victims of the most violent crimes in Guyana and yet we push on. I am proud to be Indo.


For 28 years, our votes were stolen by a black dictator and our brothers murdered by the army because they refused to have their votes stolen. We survived and returned Guyana to a democratic nation since 1992.


We had to hide and sell and read the Mirror Newspaper because the dictator wanted it that way. Yet we survived.


We had to fetch water to drink and smuggle food to survive and had to wait days to cross rivers. We lined up for basic necessities. We lived through blackouts and had to deal with kick down the door bandits. We had to bribe government officials for basic paperwork including applications.


We survived, I am proud to be Indo.


Roads and bridges were broken and we had to line up for spare parts and Gas and Kerosene. We survived and I am proud to be Indo Guyanese.


A segment of Guyanese society endorsed two dictators and remained silent while a systematic policy was in place to demoralize us. We survived and I am proud to be Indo.


I can go on and on.


I am Guyanese and I am Canadian and I am Indo Guyanese who survived PNC dictators and I am proud of who I am. No one should tell me how to live my life and what to say. I am proud of who I am.


Unlike some who are ashamed to be Indo. It is their choice. I am proud of who I am.


I do not envy or hate anyone but please, I am proud to be Indo, leave me alone.


Indos are not superior to other Guyanese, we can have unity when we are seen and treated as equals.





No one ever said you should not be proud of your heritage. The problem with your exposition is it began to meander into that place of sacred victimization and those other terrible people victimized you.


Burnham did not spare poor black people and most were. Whatever was your plight was theirs as well. That indians chose particular category of work does not mean any other type of work was easy street. It also does not mean indians worked because they were altruistic. It was reciprocal altruism. They did it because they anticipated income and advantages from their labor. That was paid for by the consumers of all ilk since we do not have a welfare system where some are given three squares for non performance.


Equality is not a condition to be traded. It is a default dispensation of rights. You do not get to choose that you are lesser than or greater than or will assert any condition with respect to rights not a possession of others. That condition has never been in question in Guyana.