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Reply to "I am proud to be Indo and could care less about what you think of me."

Originally Posted by yuji22:

Your racist and anti Indo crap will not be tolerated.


Many racists and anti Indo like yourself attempted to prevent us from declaring our pride in our identity and have failed. 


Please try again.



Oh yes.


1.  When you scream "black man lazy".


2.   When you boast about your cultural "purity", implying that every Indo Guyanese lives within some monolith.


3.  When you demonize blacks as violent criminals with no positive to contribute.


4.  When you refuse to admit the role that Indians have in our ethnic distrust and deny that the PPP has done every thing possible to earn the hatred directed against it by blacks and mixed people.



To you all this isn't racist, but to condemn these attitudes is.


David Hinds, Nigel Hughes and other are proud Afro Guyanese.  They discuss the role of Afro Guyanese in Guyana's ethnic morass, even as the condemn that of Indians.


You sir aren't proud.  You merely seek an excuse to peddle your bigotry.

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