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Reply to "I am proud to be Indo and could care less about what you think of me."

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Afro Americans are proud of their Identity and I quite admire it.

1.  African Americans see themselves as an AMERICAN people, and fight for the right to contribute and to benefit from this.  Their battle has been for INCLUSION.  99% of them don't have the slightest interest in the African continent, nor any desire to identify with those who live there.


2. You see yourself as an India centered person living in a far off land, as if you are an exile.  You think that your culture is "pure" and you seek to defend it from being "defiled" by others.  The problem is that very few people in Guyana, INCLUDING YOU, live in cultural isolation.


How do Indo Guyanese speak?  NOT Bhojpuri, Hindi, or Urdu, but creolese and English.  They adopted and adapted the speech from the colonials, and from the Creole Guyanese (African and mixed, and later Portuguese), and forgot that of their ancestors.


So how can you claim to be "Indian".  All you can claim to be is a Guyanese of Indian descent.  This is a FACT, and not a sign of self hatred.  The self hatred in fact is your DENIAL and repudiation of the cultures that Indo Caribbean peoples generated in their new lands.  You think it degraded because it isn't "pure," and because it contains within it influences of other ethnic groups.


You probably have no idea as to what "pure" Indian culture is.

Very well said. These morons think they are still live in UP and Bihar.

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