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Reply to "I am proud to be Indo and could care less about what you think of me."



You are entitled to your opinion.


I am proud to be Indo. It is ok with me if you are ashamed of or uncomfortable with your identity. I am not.


I could care less about your so called scars, I am proud to carry my scars and I am not afraid to call a spade a spade.


I could care less about what people from India "think" of me. I am proud of who I am and do not require any reassurances like you and others who perhaps suffer from low self esteem about their Indo Identity and discredit their own.


I have stated that I am Guyanese but will NEVER be ashamed to speak of my Indo identity.


Indos and for a matter of fact, no one can ever do a disservice to their identity by declaring that they are proud of it.


Afro Americans are proud of their Identity and I quite admire it. They do not hesitate to talk about their struggles and achievements. There is nothing wrong about Afro Americans being proud of who they are.


Let me correct you, I am Indian from my birth and strength. I survived and spoke out against two Black dictators in Guyana. I am proud of it and I am not afraid to speak out against what they did to us. Perhaps you are afraid to ruffle the feathers of your newfound friends. I am not.


As for Moses, he publicly declared that he is not Indian and it is for History to be the judge.