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Reply to "How exactly is Volda Lawrence stoking “ethnic fear” by hatching an APNU plan (albeit crudely presented) to run Indo-Guyanese in Region 4 LDCs lost to the PPP?"

ronan posted:
VishMahabir posted:

This referenced excerpt is quite telling:

"people who look like us and people who look like Bharat" 

I would suggest you take a step back, pretend you are Jagdeo or a PPP supporter, and try and analyze Volda's statement from the perspective of an Indo...

the woman is telling the Afro party faithful that the PNC needs to recruit Indians, i.e., "people who look like Bharat" to win back the lost LDCs

your consternation/horror at that which should be celebrated is indeed "quite telling"!


No one's crucifying Volda...your heroine...she is perceived as a "President in waiting" such her words can have the potential of inflaming passions, not necessarily causing a backlash from Indos, but her own supporters...who are inclined to believe that "invaders" must be removed from the "PNC house".

Volda knows that her supporters are aware that they have to do better at the 2020 instead ...why not focus on why the PNC lost seats and how they plan to do better.

Here is a novel idea...instead of speaking to the faithfuls...why not  ask Volda to do a 360 and go into a predominantly Indo area and articulate  a national program her government will implement to benefit all Guyanese.

If she can do this and pull off a Rodneyite kind of multi-cultural support, and avoid invoking the "Bharrat bogey man", then she may be credited for cultivating a new kind of political culture in in which the benevolent victors are willing to share the spoils with the "others"...and their screams of "social cohesion" might be taken seriously.