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Reply to "How exactly is Volda Lawrence stoking “ethnic fear” by hatching an APNU plan (albeit crudely presented) to run Indo-Guyanese in Region 4 LDCs lost to the PPP?"

Iguana posted:
VishMahabir posted:
This referenced excerpt is quite telling:

"people who look like us and people who look like Bharat" 

I would suggest you take a step back, pretend you are Jagdeo or a PPP supporter, and try and analyze Volda's statement from the perspective of an Indo...

....sigh. Read the woman's remarks in context. She is telling her supporters (albeit crudely) that it is time to recruit people who "look like Bharat", meaning it is time to attract Indian candidates to the PNC. Just as the PPP got candidates "who look like us", meaning the PPP got black candidates.

What the hell is wrong with that? Rant and rave about her tone and handing out jobs to "PNC friends" but you're actually going to criticize her wanting to attract Indians to the PNC?

Yo Iggy,

whats up?

ok...i gon withhold my comments and hold my breath until de lady tell us how she gon attract Indos, and until i see her addressing a fairly large Indo audience

....i am willing to ignore her crudeness for now...Guyana got too many crude politicians (except for ole man Granger who carries about himself with grace and dignity).