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Reply to "How exactly is Volda Lawrence stoking “ethnic fear” by hatching an APNU plan (albeit crudely presented) to run Indo-Guyanese in Region 4 LDCs lost to the PPP?"

caribny posted:
ronan posted:

now focus, and stop meandering all over the place

I am not meandering.  I am merely saying that reverting to ethnic appeals isnt the way for APNU to deal with the fact that it was arrogant with its base and the base responded by staying home.  So does APNU now think that they won their battle with the teachers and the vendors and others of the PNC base? Or dealt with the anger that many within the PNC feel when they see APNU officials dealing with the same corrupt oligarchs that also benefitted under Jagdeo?

So APNU resorts to open ethnic pandering to divert from these issues.

Volda's question should have been about querying why apparently the crowds were almost exclusively black.  Instead of pandering to them by talking about the PPP fielding "people who look like you" in order to fool them.  Also talking about "others who looked like Bharat".  The devout party base alone never wins elections, so their cheers dont matter.  Even David Hinds seems concerned about this.

I dont see how this differs from when Jagdeo, having defined the PPP as a party whose base is rural Indian, then screams "we gun tek back Guyana for us".

too much personal shyte (and ambition) coloring reason and important input from intelligent people intra-coalition

schadenfreude of David Hinds, et al front and center

that the Volda Lawrence ‘plan’ is opportunistic and cynical, granted . . . doomed to fail, sure

but FUNDAMENTALLY different from the screamings of Rohee/Jagdeo!

your stuff about race appeal is counter-intuitive . . . nuff waste talking fuh talk sake

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