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Reply to "How exactly is Volda Lawrence stoking “ethnic fear” by hatching an APNU plan (albeit crudely presented) to run Indo-Guyanese in Region 4 LDCs lost to the PPP?"

VishMahabir posted:
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that the Volda Lawrence ‘plan’ is opportunistic and cynical, granted . . . doomed to fail, sure


Volda now says "she gun only hire she friends and is only PNC friends she gat".

Now explain, given ethnic politics, in Guyana how this isn't ethnic pandering?  What is her goal in saying this?

And importantly, how are those who are known AFC supporters (much of GT's middle class) supposed to take this?

I think we remember what happened the last time that the PNC blatantly played the party card.


With all due respect,

Carib is right about what he is saying, Re: "stoking ethnic fears".

I have said before that words matter, especially when its coming from top political leaders who

a) do not think about what they are saying because they get all emotional and speak from their heart rather than their head and

b) do not take into consideration how their rhetoric is being received by the "others"

Now, Jagdeo at Babu John was a more extreme case, but Volda, a PNC leader (possible president) is going to be carefully monitored (as old man Granger becomes more like a "Lame Duck" president) and her narrative are going to be amplified when it is perceived to contain "coded words". 

If anything it is adding fodder to the PPP's arsenal.

Dont forget that the country is already divided and those in power seems to believe that "we in charge now". 

Politicians in Guyana are not known for "rising above the fray" or even pretend for a minute to speak on behalf of ALL GUYANESE....the tribalism rears its ugly head ....I am telling you it will get worse...and dont think for a minute that when the cameras are not running that politicians will be talking about "ONE LOVE" and "ONE NATION".

This referenced excerpt is quite telling:

"people who look like us and people who look like Bharat" 

I would suggest you take a step back, pretend you are Jagdeo or a PPP supporter, and try and analyze Volda's statement from the perspective of an Indo...

What is probably more troubling and what may fall in the realm of "stoking" is the fact that she is not telling the largely black audience how they intend to get back these seats, but her concern seems to be geared at removing and rolling back the gains made by the PPP.