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Reply to "High Court Ruling - House To House Registration"

Baseman posted:
ronan posted:
sachin_05 posted:

The registration crew came by my house while I was in Guyana 3 weeks ago. They said they needed a birth certificate, national ID or passport to register. I told them I got a ID I can show them, they said it was no longer valid you need a new id. Ask if any rep from other parties are involve in the registration process - also answer in the negative.

are you domiciled in Guyana? i.e., resident for at least the past year?

if not, you were attempting to perpetrate a fraud

they should have locked your ass up

You should STFU and wait for the man to answer your question.

while i was in Guyana 3 weeks ago” was my tip-off

he is not “domiciled”

haul your PPP rigging ass