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Reply to "High Court Ruling - House To House Registration"

Django posted:
Stormborn posted:

This is one big nightmare in the making. There is an ongoing H2H where canvassers are not checking a list but recreating a new list.

The judge declared that it is not legal for any name to be removed from the old list unless the person is certified as dead.

It means the old list is still valid!

We are now going to have two lists. The old an the new. Reconciling them will not be by actual verification the person exists but by computer comparison. Had these idiot used the old list to go into the field they could determine if there are new members in a household who are of voting age or if persons formerly listed at the address has moved died or migrated. This data could have been used to clean the list and address duplicates etc.

The reconciled list will definitely contain more people than exist since it will not be possible to verify each name.

More that , below is quote.

The judge made it clear that a person’s name can only be removed from the list through death or if they otherwise become disqualified under Article 159 (2), (3) and (4) of the Constitution.

Article 159

(1) says that “No person shall vote at an election unless he or she is registered as an elector.”

 (2) then adds, “Subject to the provisions of paragraphs (3) and (4), a person shall be qualified to be registered as an elector for elections if, and shall not be so qualified unless, on the qualifying date, he or she is of the age of eighteen years or upwards and either –(a) is a citizen of Guyana; or (b)is a Commonwealth citizen who is not a citizen of Guyana and who is domiciled and resident in Guyana and has been so resident for a period of one year immediately preceding the qualifying date; and (c)satisfies such other qualifications as may be prescribed by or under any law.”

(3) goes on to add, “No person shall be qualified to be so registered who on the qualifying date is a person certified to be insane or otherwise adjudged to be of unsound mind under any law in force in Guyana.”

(4), “No person shall be qualified to be so registered if during such period (not exceeding five years) preceding the qualifying date as may be prescribed by Parliament, he or she has been convicted by a court of any offence connected with elections that is so prescribed or has been reported guilty of such an offence by the High Court in proceedings under article 163: Provided that Parliament may empower the court to exempt a person from disqualification for registration on account of such a conviction or report if the court deems it just so to do.”

Not disputing the above. Just stating that they are now required by law to reconcile the two lists. The judge prohibits removal of names from that list and stated the condition. The current H2H would have to be reconciled with the old since one cannot have two lists of electors. The judge cannot be speaking of the new list since removal of names there is not in question. They are building a list. Reconciling it with the old one them becomes problematic. A list of dead people has to be run against it and any other such list as that of migrants. This is what was asked initially. It is why Jagdeo is claiming he won. H2H can only add new registrants per this ruling. 

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