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Reply to "High Court Ruling - House To House Registration"

Django posted:

BREAKING: House-to-House registration is not unlawful – Chief Justice rules

Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George-Wiltshire,  August 14 2019, Source

Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George-Wiltshire on Wednesday afternoon ruled that the ongoing House to House registration exercise is not unlawful or unconstitutional.

In delivering her ruling, the Chief Justice said “House to House is not unconstitutional as a verification exercise in and of itself.”

Additionally, the court found that there is nothing in the Caribbean Court of Justice’s orders of July 12 which says the exercise is unconstitutional.

As it relates to the court ordering elections by September 18, the Chief Justice said it is not for the court to make that determination. She alluded to the CCJ’s orders which also stayed clear of doing same.

“This court cannot order that elections be held by a certain date,” the Chief Justice said as she alluded to the need for the National Assembly to meet and extend the date for elections which she noted should have been extended since March 21 while the December 21 No Confidence motion was being challenged in court.

The process of ongoing registration was established earlier where there was a national registration done and after that time registration was to be made regularly by GECOM. From the current issues, it is clear that GECOM has failed to perform its duties.

Also , GECOM must ALWAYS be prepared for a snap elections; hence it MUST maintain a continuous registration process for such situation(s).

Indeed the court cannot order that elections be held at a certain date as that is established in the constitution.

The specific situation is the holding of elections within three months based on the CCJ decision that the government was defeated by a no-confidence vote in December 2018.

The focused issues now that the CCJ has made the final decision; it is incumbent that elections must be held within three months.

The process the government failed thus far since the CCJ decision is --

1. President and Government MUST resign.

2. President then remains in office to specifically conduct an elections which MUST take place within three months after the date that the CCJ rendered its decision.

Thus far the president has not proceeded with items 1 and 2.