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This is what you need:


Take it from the audiophile Yuji.

Django and D2 knows katahar about audio.

You are a bloody jackass. I do not know what you think you know about sound but nothing we told him means he should get poor results. Noise is because of low output levels or crappy tape. Any decent recorder can produce the best output possible. You cannot get anything better than exist in the first place.

If he is passing it into a system as  audacity he can normalize it and save it into a lossless format. That we told him the first time he came with this problem. My way means he does not spend a dime to buy and any piece of equipment that   does nothing to enhance the process.

As for sound...I am a musician and sound is what we do.

Hey, Mr. Male menopause. You know katahar.

I converted my cassette collection to digital with ZERO hum.

You sir are full of nonsense and BTW, DAC is over $ 15,000. That is the a tiny part of my audiophile gear. I know that I am speaking about when I talk audio.

Stop your BS.