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Reply to "Harmon to contest for PNC leadership"

@Spugum posted:

for the same reason american kept jagan's ppp out of power, it suited their interest. communism was not going to take hold in america's back yard. if it took rigged elections to do it so be it

Communism is no longer a treat, so communist in back yard point is moot.

what are those secret agreements guyana signed up with the trump administration? the ppp wouldn't say despite formal requests by the opposition to release that information, for example, the details of the shiprider agreement. and why has Jagdeo's reneged on his promise to renegotiate the exxon oil contract?

Really? Trump signed agreement with an administration that wasn’t even in power? That’s the most vomit soak shakebatty nonsense i ever heard.

ramotar knows the tables will turn again but true to form you live in dreamland

How do you what Ramoutar know or not, from your hallucinations?

I'll leave you with the following:

* 47 ballot boxes with missing statutory documents - POs and ROs responsible called to a meeting but never turned up

No ballot box was found to be tampered with. Recount figures  matches SOPs witness and signed by observers  from around the world and was good enough for them to call the elections free and fair.

* ballots counted that were not verified

Allegations with no proof.

* voter impersonation - the dead and absent migrants voted

Allegations with no proof.

* CARICOM scrutinised only 18% of the ballots counted at the recount process and produced a report with strange language like "the elections were reasonably credible" and "GECOM cannot deliver credible elections" but concluded ppp won the elections conducted by the very GECOM

Caricom was tasked with recount and release statement to the media that election was credible, the ‘reasonable’ is your addition.

america and its friends turned a blind eye to all the above because it suited their (america's) interest

American interest is to stamped out dictatorship and they did a darn good job stopping the swearing in of Granger using  Mingo card board box charade.

the ppp will continue to press for legitimacy from a section of the population in guyana but that would remain a fleeting illusion

The PPP was endorse by CARICOM, OAS, ABC, EU observers, except for y’all sore losers, they are recognize by the civilized world as legitimate government, so you got that right - for the riggers and their brain wash rigging supporters the PNC gaining any traction with their allegations would remain a fleeting illusion…hahahahaha maniacal laughter