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Reply to "Guyanese will have to pick “better team” in 2020"

skeldon_man posted:
caribny posted:
Cobra posted:

It's obvious that the coalition government is so incompetent that they failed miserably even when they give their best. . 

the scandalous situation of Skeldon and the "Heist of Guyana" chronicled by Kaiteur News show that the PPP was just as disastrous.

Put it this way I have not heard any complaints of para militia squads victimizing the opposition as happened under Jagdeo with his phantoms and all of those Hammie Green thugs that he had as part of his apparatus.

You will note that none of the Burnham thugs have been allowed into APNU.


Jagdeo has been and will be you and the PNC worst nightmare. The Burnham thugs are embedded in the PNC; no need to "allow".

Who are those thugs, House of Israel hanging with?

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