Reply to "Guyana's landscape undergoing significant changes"

This is the changes that Guyana needs: Not cosmetic landscaping changes:

The AFC believes that Guyana needs to make the right turn, onto the right track, and in the shortest period from day one. AFC will deliver the following 28 changes within its first year in office:

1. Reduce VAT from 16% to 12%.

2. The AFC will examine all sources of financing available to the Government of Guyana, including moneys in hidden accounts, and will use to significantly increase public service wages and salaries.

3. Reduce non-commercial (manufacturing) corporate tax from 30% to 25% in the first year and to 20% at the end of the first term. Reduce commercial corporate tax from 40% to 35% at the end of the first term.

4. Increase the PAYE tax-free threshold to G$50,000.

5. Commence a national discussion for Constitutional reform and propose amendments for the removal of the Executive Presidency.

6. License private radio stations based on transparent rules and regulations.

7. Implement the Freedom of Information Act and Broadcast Act - our seriousness on the issue of transparency.

8. Implement local government reforms and hold local government elections.

9. First Month: Re-engage the offer from the UK to reform the police force, which the PPP refused.

10. First Month: Allow the USA’s Drug Enforcement Agency to set up an operation in Guyana, which was rejected by the PPP.

11. De-politicize the Head of the Presidential Secretariat. A technocrat will take this position with the understanding of transforming the Public Service into a meritocratic and effective organisation.

12. Implement a National E10 (10% blend of ethanol with gasoline)(eventually E15) mandate to create a captive market for domestic ethanol use. This policy will save the Demerara and West Berbice sugar estates.

13. Implement a Diaspora policy that encourages investment, harnesses their talents and expertise and makes re-migration easy and move towards Diasporal representation in the National Assembly. Establish a Cabinet level Minister to be responsible for and focus on Diaspora relations.

14. Task foreign missions to secure markets for Guyana’s products and attract foreign investments.

15. Institute copyright laws, subsidies and other assistance for the cultural and arts industries.

16. Announce that UG will become a research university and appoint a panel of experts within the first 100 days to best accomplish this objective.

17. Take steps to establish a state development bank with a different mandate relative to our private commercial banks.

18. Immediately upgrade our technical schools for vocational training in areas such as carpentry, computer repair, electronic repair, refrigeration, landscaping, hospitality management and other skills.

19. Create job placement programmes that will ensure those who are trained in technical areas are placed in jobs.

20. Create small business financing for those trained in vocational areas. Landscaping enterprises will be given immediate priorities for the purpose of national beautification.

21. Launch a national beautification campaign, which will also enforce building codes, planting trees and gardens and develop parks in major towns and villages.

22. Empower the Municipality to clean up the garbage, drains and overall image of Georgetown so it can reclaim its old glory

23. Establish regular town hall style meetings with President, Prime Minister and Cabinet members in all 10 Regions.

24. Establish a Commission of Inquiry to examine the finances, investments, and administration of the National Insurance Scheme, with a Special emphasis on contributors’ records.

25. Initiate a conference for CARICOM coordination of production activities.

26. National recognition of deserving persons on February 23 for Annual Guyana Awards.

27. Establish and legislate a new liveable minimum wage for workers across Guyana and stop the exploitation of workers.

28. Commission a Group of Forensic Auditors to reduce corruption and white collar crimes and facilitate civilian oversight.

The AFC's Action Plan