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Reply to "Guyana under the P.N.C experienced serious economic failures."

What this got to do with the starvation in the Hinterland, Rural areas and Urban pockets in 2011 Albert?

The people want a better life now? 1982 done gone - live in the present moment.

Originally posted by albert:
1. The 7-year Development Plan (1966-1972) buckled in 1969.
2.The ‘Feed, House and Clothe the Nation’ Development Plan remained a catchword without producing substance.
3. The third Development Plan (1978-81) increased the debt burden accompanied by little or no industrialization.
4. Hoyte claimed in 1981 that the economy ‘was disastrous’, and the New Nation (the PNC’s mouthpiece) noted that the economy was ‘tottering on the brink of collapse’.
5. Rigged elections continued to be the norm.
6.The militarization of Guyana was enhanced with about one military personnel for every 35 citizens.
7. The women’s section of the PNC proposed a one-party state for Guyana in 1971.
8. Norman Semple of the Guyana Public Service Association talked about ‘a crisis of authority’ induced by ‘a blurring of the line of authority between political and administrative decision making’, creating a problem in’…the efficiency of the administrative machinery of the state…’.
9. Decline in the East Indian student population at the University of Guyana possibly correlated with the operations of the National Service.
10. Perceptions that acquisition of significant jobs is related to holding a PNC membership card abounded.