Reply to "Guyana slams Russia over ‘false’ statement on construction of military base"

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Earlier this year it was announced that Britain was considering building a military base in Guyana.  The Russian allegation could be propaganda.  This has nothing to do with Jagdeo whose party is working closely with firms in the US. 

The firm that Jagdeo is working with in the U.S. helped to put Trump in power by spreading fake news originating from Putin. They’re all working for Russia in case you haven’t noticed.

You and Cribby talk shyte all day and contradict each other. PPP working with a pro Russian Co that put Trump in power, but Trump will invade Guyana over the PPP.  Banna relax. 

Who signed on with Exxon?  Were there any Russian interest involved?  If you get to the DNA level, everyone have interest in everything.  Didn’t Obama sell US Uranium reserves to a Canadian company controlled by a Russian Co!  Ayuh pon sheers stupidness.

When Jagan got ill, where did he seek treatment?  When Granger got sick, where did he seek treatment?  I could hear Ayuh if was the other way!

And who ever said Venezuela will overtly invade Guyana?  Did you not see who cast the first stone.  It was not Venezuela, was Russia!  Study the chess moves!  They are on record saying the US destabilizing Venezuela!

Guyana is a very unstable nation and getting worse.  With the amount of oil and the ongoing instability, the vultures are circling.

After the NCV, the coalition should have called in the opposition and start working on a plan.  Instead they off on trickery and thwarting the system.  They will lose corn and husk!!

Why have the Russians been spending so much money with journalists writing fake stories about us and hosting fake broadcasts on RT and now this if they do not feel that they need to have the venezuelans come in? This recent story is just a ramping up to official levels of what they were doing for a long time. The PPP needs to come out forcefully against this recent story. If they do not they will lose any chance to regain office.