Reply to "Guyana signs historic US$20m loan with IsDB"

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Here these fellows are borrowing 20 million and no one is asking for the 20 million the supposedly received from Exxon. If they can make that disappear and look us in the face and smile what do you think the will do with any cash that comes in?

there are certain things not open to debate as of September, 2018

(i) the Exxon "signing bonus" was, in fact, $US18 million, not $US20 million . . . no one is "asking" because that question is answered

(ii) the money did not "disappear" . . . was not "supposedly" received, and is/was deposited into a BOG account that was not secret

you can quarrel about the misplaced lying and intended use which is now a MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD, but the easy falsehoods you are recirculating here as predicate is thoroughly unhelpful to the cause of good governance that we both wish for Guyana

Would the Govt provide an updated accounting of the bonus? A full report of expenditures and balance.

and exactly how often do you think they should present you with a spreadsheet? 

aren't the PPP parliamentarians supposed to be on top of this . . . why are you asking me?