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Transparent?  What does this mean they found the $18 million or

they know how much oil and gas Exxon found?

Wasn't that found years ago ? deposit have more than one signatures including the Governor of the Bank of Guyana.

Are you aware Guyana also oversees the amount of oil pumped from the storage vessel into the transport vessels. Regarding gas when the time come for extraction ,the amount will be known.

Shouldn't the amount already extracted be already known? Isn't that transparency? Regarding the $18M, it was vigorously denied by every Coalition member asked about it after it was exposed by Ram. It was not until after Ram provided a copy of the document that they started to slowly walk toward the truth but even after more than 2 years, they have not yet reached the whole truth regarding it.

Here is the audio interview when Jordan said " he thought it was a gift" . He never declare the 18M in the budget for 2017, 2018, 2019 and it was kept outside of the consolidation funds.

Bai Dave, even as the focus of that clip is on Jordan stating that he thought it was a gift, there is a bigger message that directly affects this incorrect Transparency International index. That KN Radio interview was in September 2019, more than three years after the nus was received and Jordan still claiming that he doesn't know WHO came up with the 18 million amount. Still lying after three years and our brother Django wants us to believe everything is honky dory with that 18 mil.