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GTAngler posted:
Drugb posted:

Guyanese are their own worse enemy.  They have an appetite for foreign items and don't support local products. Look how slop can boy was bragging about burger king the other day.  

Any imported item that can be produced locally at a similar quality or better should be either banned or taxed so heavily that the locals are forced to buy local. Mind you, the same people supporting buy local will at the drop of a hat do a 180 and shout racism and how the government is punishing people if implemented by the current government.

1. I thought in a free market place, it was consumer choice and demand that determined what is produced and bought.

2. Also, we are part of a global market where they are certain rules we agree to follow. Failure to follow often results in negative consequences.

3. Question - if a Guyanese manufacturer sees that he can produce the product at the same quality and sell at the same prices do make a profit, , then tell me why he or she will be not do so?

4. The recent winner of the Nobel prize in Economics did so  because of his work on how human action in the marketplace  might not necessarily always be the economically best action.

5. Please state your source that the same people who support buy local will cry racism and the government punishing them when such policy is implemented. 

6. Even if we produce a certain product  do we have a comparative advantage in producing that product?

7.  BUrnham and the PNC banned many imported products during the PNC dictatorship. Was that a successful policy that resulted in higher rates of social and economic development or were there severe negative social and economic effects in Guyana?

8. Is the preference for foreign goods a result of these being  cheaper and of better quality or is a a result of the colonial hegemonic agenda and drive?