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The Coalition under comrade Granger must continue. It’s the way to tomorrow.  We must not go back to days of corrupt. The is the hope of comrade Nagamootoo.

Your uncle Nagaaaa took taxpayers dollars as a paid MP and then went off to study LAW. The same Nagaaa said “ I am not a Namakarm” 

Isn’t it the same Nagamootoo who voted against the PPP/C motion in January 2016 calling for all Parliamentarians to make their tax returns and Integrity Commission declarations for the last 10 years public? Isn’t it the same Nagamootoo who sat idly by for 30 months ith no Integrity Commission in place? Isn’t it the same Nagamootoo who sat by and watched as the Integrity Commission Secretariat was disbanded? Isn’t it the same Nagamootoo who enjoys the massive increases in salaries, allowances and benefits, implemented a mere six weeks after taking office? Isn’t it the same Nagamootoo who has increased his discretionary funds from the modest $3M allocated to Prime Minister Sam Hinds in 2014 to over $100M in the 2018 National Budget?

Gal Zara, I would be ashamed to mentioned Nagamootoo name. 

Well..was wondering whose piece of writing in the post ,turns out was taken from some one else ,without mentioning the Source

Django have to watch out for the salvos 

Your competition shouldn't be are such a wuzz. Do you always post the source of every thing you posted here. You have been know as a copy and past poster.  

Banna You seems to have some self- esteem issue, unfortunately, I am not the qualify person to help you... .  Conquer yourself. Compete against that.