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After the 1992 elections, Guyana began the long and arduous journey back from the dead which the PNC placed it in.

It was still headed in the right direction before it began being destroyed by the PNC again.

Lawlessness is again at its peak.

Please give a chronology of events of destruction , lawlessness and nation building.

Me thinks you have the ability to do the compilation.

Thank you !!!

Since Guyana has experienced only 4 changes in government over the past 6 decades, chronology is a breeze. Guyana was a paradise for many around the world before Burnham became Prime Minister. The PNC continued to rule Guyana (albeit illegally) until 1992 at which time, Guyana was the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere only behind Haiti. By the time the PNC dominated Coalition took over government from the PPP in 2015, Guyana had nursed itself back from the brink of extinction which the PNC left it in 1992. Now 4 years after the PNC dominated Coalition took over, the country is heading back to that place where it was in 1992. Clear evidence that the PNC are terrible as administrators.

Banna you prapa laang-winded. You should just bullet point:

-1964 thriving Fledgling national

- 1992 bankrupt, 2nd poorest

- 2015 thriving nation

- 2019 struggling, economic decline!!

Dah nah wuh yuh try fuh seh?

Thank yuh Saa. I like yuh bullet points betta.