Reply to "Granger “tired” of exportation of raw materials"

seignet posted:
Mitwah posted:

Granger is right.

Guyana can produce the lumber from the trees, furniture from the lumber and paper from the pulp. The people need the resources and external help to become more productive.

Guyana lacks people with International Marketing skills.

Crime, bribery, corruption is still too rampant.

Guyanese abroad doan buy stuff made in Guyana.


I have made 50 pieces of a ROUND cell phone dock in Canada. The Wood is Jatoba. 

The equipment is ready to be shipped to Guyana for production. 

Tried selling through West Indian  Stores locally. The product moves slower than molasses.

Production is not possible unless the market is there.

Perhaps, you are targeting the wrong market. I know someone who tried selling spices thru the WI stores; it moved slower than molasses. He got a break by packaging under another private label with Wall Mart. Next is history.