Granger is a dirty racist and the PNC is hellbent on destroying the Indians in Guyana, Shame on them !!!!

Ok folks.

This decision by Granger to teardown the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre is the single most racist act in Guyana's history since 1992 when the same Cheddi Jagan led Guyana to it's first democratically elected government after 28 years of Afro dominated racism and dictatorship.

Indos broke the shackles of dictatorship and Afro led racism.

Let us not forget that since taking office, Granger has been promoting Black dominance and has made an effort in Praising the monster Burnham and portraying him as the father of the nation.

He cannot fool Indos no matter how hard he tries.

I do not wish to restate what Burnham did to Indos we all know what he did. It is well recorded.

The current PNC administration is attempting to erase the historic contribution of Cheddi Jagan by destroying his centre. This has been seen as many Indos as an assault on their history, pride, dignity and identity.

It was Granger who intentionally left out the rapes and murders committed against Indos at Wismar and Linden. It is the same Granger who was fingered in electoral rigging as part of the Burnham's rigging machinery.

This act of racism and aggression by this nasty thug must not be tolerated and Indos must stand up and speak out. We are seeing Burnham's disciple Granger attempting to fulfill his Guru's dream of Afro dominance in Guyana.

The silence of Moses and Ramjattan is quite shameful after all, the AFC was formed after they claimed that the PPP was moving away from Cheddi's PPP. Moses and Ramjattan are afraid to defend Cheddi in fear of the PNC and it's Congress Place.

Well,  Cheddi's legacy is being assaulted by a thug. Where is the leadership of the AFC ? 

I call on ALL Indo Guyanese to condemn this blatant act of racism and Insult of peace loving Indo Guyanese who had to suffer under the PNC apartheid. 

Granger must not be allowed to get away with this act of racism and aggression and should apologize.

What next, stuffing of ballot boxes and the Army seizing of the ballot boxes ?

(A very angry Yuji22)

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